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Getting married in Venice: a dream come true facing the lagoon


Venice is one fo the most famous and romantic Italian cities.
Gondolas traverse the city’s famous boroughs, which are lined with charming plazas and artful churches. In the historic San Marco Square you will find the San Marco Basilica, Venice’s icon which took over 800 years to complete. The city is also filled with hundreds of street musicians who offer the perfect soundtrack for people-watching and drinking wine at an outdoor café. With its amazing atmosphere, unique in the world, Venice is the perfect location for amazing italian Weddings!
Rainbow Italy Wedding selected the best locations over the lagoon to offer you a wide selction of different hotels, venues and castles and choose the one that fit better your style. Besides stunning locations, we have also a huge range of additional services to offer you such as: the best catering services, music and entertainment during the event, Guests activities, transfer and accomodation for all your friends and Family, and much more!
Start planning today with us your perfect Wedding day in the magical frame of Italy, and specifically of the incredibile Venice! You will make your dream reality, and all your Guests will live an amazing lifelong experience!


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