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Our Top 15 Tips a perfect Wedding!

1. Choose Italy as frame of your Event. The amazing Panoramas of Italy, will surprise your Guests and perfectly create the magical atmosphere you are looking for on your Wedding Day!


2. Choose Rainbow Italy Wedding as your Wedding Planner! Years of experience in the field, love and passion for this job, professionalism and a great net of providers and amazing locations all around Italy!


3. Set a budget…. This is essential

Try to keep to your budget as much as possible. Mаkе sure уοu sit down аt tһе beginning οf tһе process, agree οn һοw much money уου′re going tο spend, аnd stick tο іt!


4. When setting your budget be realistic and try not to bury your head in the sand.


5. For Weddings Made In Italy, the first port of call is to give you a brief outline within the structure of the proposal so that you can see what the main fixed costs are: location reantal, transport service, accomodation, catering and entertainment.


6. Over estimatethe number of guests attending rather than underestimate as this will help in the long run!


7. Try to keep everything togetheras much as possible to avoid extra costs like transfer costs from venue to venue and venue to the hotel for guests after the party is over.


8. Use your wedding plannerto give you ideas on how to save money and also how to spend it! That’s why we are here, and we are at your complete disposal!


9. Always aim for “seasonal” fresh food! Every season has its products, and are all amazing! Culinary tradiotion in Italy is very strong, and every season is able to offer you great and delicious dishes.


10. Aim for seasonal about flowers as well! All Seasons have its own colours, and amazing flowers to decorate your Event!


11. Don’t skimp on the food and the entertainmentfor the evening: they will be some of the best memories of your day!


12. Delegate….. jobs like meeting and greeting guests, giving out the printed orders of service…. All those things that the bride and groom should not be even contemplating: that’s why we are here!


13. Better opt for an afternoon wedding to have time to relax in the morning, and have time to get ready with no rush!


14. Relax. Save time for you to give you a moment to rest before the event to get start! Clean your mind and breath in.


15. Enjoy it!!!

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