Gay couple who are together for 25 years show that it is not ‘just a phase’

Gay people often struggle to find out who they are and when everything is finally clear to them and they speak about it out loud they often receive a respond that it is just a temporary experiment they are soon going to grow out of. People often say so without understanding that it is the same as, for example, to tell a person with ginger hair that it is just a phase and he’ll become a brunet one day. No, it is even worse, because a ginger-haired person can use a hairdyer, and a gay person cannot turn straight no matter what. And the amazing gay couple that brought their love through many years decided to prove it with their own example.

Two pictures – one taken in 1993, and one in 2017 – Nick Cardello and Kurt English showed how long love can last. The married couple, who met 25 years ago, captured their love together at Washington Pride in 1993, and then again at the same parade this year.The two images, placed side-by-side, went viral rapidly and one of the Twitter users framed it with the remarks: “it’s just a phase”. Mr. Cardello said he could not expect such a popularity caused only by a picture on Facebook. “Someone else copied it to Twitter, Instagram & Reddit. That’s when it really took off. A reporter from Brazil said it had over a million likes there.The idea here was we were 24 years later, still marching for LGBTQ equality. For other reasons now, compared to 24 years ago, but still not full equality”. The reactions from people all over the world had deeply affected him and Kurt, Nick said, “Many times we have been moved to tears by reading the comments. There have been so many supportive comments on the post, such as ‘Relationship Goals,’” he said, though some had simply made him laugh”.

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