Rectors of Xavier College and St Ignatius’ College wrote letters to staff and parents asking them to consult their own consciences in the upcoming vote on equal marriage. They don’t tell people whether to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’, but insist that the Pope preaches to love everybody and to avoid judgement, however divisive the issue is. Father Chris Middleton of Xavier College, Melbourne and Father Ross Jones of St Ignatius’ College wrote the letters in an apparent rebuke of the Church’s stance. “In my experience, there is almost total unanimity amongst the young in favour of same-sex marriage, and arguments against it have almost no impact on them. They are driven by a strong emotional commitment to equality, and this is surely something to respect and admire. They are idealistic in the value they ascribe to love, the primary gospel value,” Father Chris Middleton insists. Most Catholics oppose same-sex marriages and the Pope admitted that to his mind they went contrary the God’s definition of marriage, but there is still no reason to spread hate because of it.

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